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Bryce Petty wins inaugural Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award!

Junior QB Bryce Petty brought home another honor this evening with the inaugural Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award!

Christian Petersen

Bryce Petty -- throwing bombs and winning awards.

If you've never heard of this award before, that's because this is the first time it's been given. In order to be eligible, you have to meet one of three criteria listed in more detail on the Award's website.  They are, shortly:

1) Be born in Texas;
2) Have graduated from a Texas high school; or,
3) Played at a Texas-based junior college or 4-year university.

From NBC Sports' article about the award, it seems as though the other finalists were Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans, Texas Tech's Jace Amaro, and Missouri QB James Franklin.  Franklin obviously didn't play here, but he was born in the state.

Congratulations, Bryce!  Hope you take home that award again next year!