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Another Baylor Bye Week ... in .GIFs!

Because .GIFs may be the closest thing to a cure ...


In what might be the weirdest schedule in college football history, Baylor's second bye week of the season has driven the entirety of Baylor Nation stir crazy. We want football! Points! Bears! ARGGGHHH!!

So in an attempt to soothe your need for a Bryce Petty to Antwan Goodley touchdown pass, here are our reactions to the Bye week:

How we feel after non-conference play

Every time someone points out the fact that Baylor hasn't played anyone yet.

Buffalo destroyed UCONN?

Art Briles when the media starts to accuse him of running up the score

Someone asks how Baylor would do in a "low-scoring affair"

When Tech fans start running their mouths

Comparing your video game stats to the real stats

Getting amped for next week's game, THEN you hear we're likely wearing the Chrome Gold Helmets

Analyzing every Art Briles interview to determine the probability of him leaving for UT.

Stumbling into an Aggie watch party

IF Baylor runs the table and doesn't get in the National Championship game

When you get caught at work/in class reading ODB

"Texas Tech has played a much tougher non-conference schedule"

Reading all the articles about the ridiculous statistics Baylor has put up

And finally, all Baylor fans watching Big 12 games