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CampBU for Baylor Football Begins Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Baylor Football begins its 14 practice run-up to the 2013 football season. We will also begin our first-ever ODB Community Projections. Get excited!!


Smell that, Baylor fans? That's football, and it's coming. After reporting today and getting fitted out for their equipment,the Baylor Bears begin CampBU tomorrow, bright and early, with the first of 14 practices over the next 3 weeks.

Here at ODB, we're going to mark the occasion by starting our first-ever ODB Community Projections. One projection will go up per day and stay up until the day before the Wofford game on August 31. That should give everyone plenty of time to get their projections in for the 2013 season. Here's how I've got them schedule at this moment:

Monday, 8/5: QB Bryce Petty
Tuesday, 8/6: RB Lache Seastrunk
Wednesday, 8/7: RB Glasco Martin
Thursday, 8/8: TE Jordan Najvar
Friday, 8/9: WR Tevin Reese
Monday, 8/12: WR Jay Lee
Tuesday, 8/13: WR Levi Norwood
Wednesday, 8/14: WR Clay Fuller

Thursday, 8/15: DE Chris McAllister
Friday, 8/16: DE Terrance Lloyd
Monday, 8/19: DE Shawn Oakman
Tuesday, 8/20: DT Javonte Magee
Wednesday, 8/21: LB Bryce Hager
Thursday, 8/22: LB Eddie Lackey
Friday, 8/23: LB Sam Holl
Monday, 8/26: S Ahmad Dixon
Tuesday, 8/27: CB K.J. Morton
Wednesday, 8/28: CB Demetri Goodson
Thursday, 8/29: CB Joe Williams
Friday, 8/30: S Terell Burt

That's pretty much as many as we can do, considering Burt's projection will happen the day before we play Wofford. Each thread will go up at 8 AM to give everyone a chance throughout the day. All of the threads will go into the Community Projections hub, which will be placed on the front page. Get excited!