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Offense On Display in Final Scrimmage of CampBU

The first-team offense very clearly won the day again over the second-team defense on the final day of CampBU before Baylor starts its game week preparation on Sunday.  Bryce Petty led the way, completing 16 of 22 passes for 209 yards and 2 TDs, for a Baylor offense that scored on five of its first six possessions.  The running backs also finally had a day worthy of note, as Rashodrick Linwood and Lache Seastrunk both broke long runs (and were allowed to complete them) for touchdowns.

I'll do a more complete update later when we get video highlights from Baylor SESP.  From the looks of it, the scrimmage was relatively subdued in that the stars didn't seem to play much and others got more time than you would expect.  That's not altogether unusual, particularly this late in camp when you're just trying to keep people healthy for the start of the season.