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Baylor Unveils the All-Floyd Casey Stadium Teams

In the run-up to the 2013 season, the last in the history of Floyd Casey Stadium as the home of the Bears, Baylor is releasing the All-Floyd Casey Stadium Teams. Up first is the defense, along with the punter.

Ronald Martinez

The official site at is honoring the history of Baylor Football at Floyd Casey Stadium over the next two days with the All-Floyd Casey Team.  Today, we've gotten a look at the defense, replete with outstanding players from Baylor's past.  Tomorrow, we'll get the offense, which I have to believe will be stacked with Art Briles era stars.  Check out the video below, courtesy of Baylor SESP, and the link above.

All-Floyd Casey Defense/Punter:

P: Daniel Sepulveda

DL: Santana Dotson, Roger Goree, Charles Benson, Ervin Randle
LB: James Francis, Mike Singletary, Joe Pawelek
DB: Thomas Everett, Gary Green, Vann McElroy, Robert Blackmon

That's a stout side.

UPDATE: They've now posted the offensive side, which, as expected, features more than a few recent Bears.

All-Floyd Casey Offense/Kicker:

K: Aaron Jones
RET/WR: Gerald McNeil

OL: Bill Glass, Mark Adickes, James Ray Smith, J.D. Walton, Jason Smith
WR: Lawrence Elkins, Terrance Williams, Kendall Wright
RB: Walter Abercrombie, Terrance Ganaway
QB: Robert Griffin III