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Ahmad Dixon Gets Feedback on Baylor's New Gold Chrome Helmet

Art Briles may have won the Big 12 Media Day yesterday, but judging from the reactions, Baylor's new golden chrome helmet came in a close second.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Baylor Football had its turn at the Big 12 Media Days yesterday. Ahmad Dixon took the opportunity to get some outside feedback from both media, coaches, and mascots alike to see what everybody else thought of Baylor's new golden chrome helmet, and Baylor Athletics put out the video for all to enjoy. Check it out for some of the reaction. Here's a few of my favorite comments:

Leslie McCaslin: "Um, wow. That's gorgeous."
Eddie George: "That's sweet."
Chris Joseph: "Illustrious."

And, by far, the best comment of the entire video, from a TCU Cheerleader:

It looks like winning to me.

You're right, random TCU cheerleader. It does look like winning.