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Monday Discussion Topic: Your Formative CFB Games

SB Nation's Bill Connelly posted something a few minutes ago on FootballStudyHall that got me thinking: we are all, as CFB fans, products of the games we have seen. I'm a relatively young CFB (and Baylor, truthfully) fan, so my list is more recent. What's yours?


Over on FootballStudyHall, SB Nation's stat guru Bill C posted his list of "formative games" in his CFB watching career. The list spans nearly two decades and has a number of schools on it that have impacted Bill's CFB fandom.

I'm interested in your lists as both Baylor fans and CFB fans in general. I'm starting from the same place you are in thinking about this, but I'll share a few that almost certainly make my list. These are all Baylor games.

2003 -- Baylor 42, Colorado 30 -- This was the first Big 12 I'd ever been to personally. I was a freshman. We won! It got a lot worse.
2003 -- Texas A&M 73, Baylor 10 -- This was the following week. Buoyed by the Colorado win and sure things were going to be better under GuyMo, I went to this game. I might not ever return to Kyle Field. This was the first of 7 losses in a row to end that season.
2004 -- Baylor 35, Texas A&M 34 (OT) -- Hope is a dangerous thing. I'll remember this game forever. We thought it might be the beginning of the turnaround, that Morriss could make it work.
2005 -- Oklahoma 37, Baylor 30 (OT) -- The closest we'd ever been to beating OU, and it was in Norman, led by Shawn Bell. I was at this game, too, and blown away by the hospitality of the vast majority of OU fans.
2006 -- Army 27, Baylor 20 -- We're done here, GuyMo. You lasted through 2007, but this was it for me.
2008 -- Wake Forest 41, Baylor 13 -- HOLY COW, DID YOU SEE THAT FRESHMAN QB???
2008 -- Baylor 45, Washington State 17 -- NO, SERIOUSLY, DID YOU SEE THAT FRESHMAN QB???? (All he did was rush for 216 yards in this game, which was moved for a hurricane that never came to Waco.)
2008 -- Baylor 41, Texas A&M 21 -- It was 41-7 when Baylor shut it down in the third quarter.
2009 -- Baylor 40, Missouri 32 -- Griffin was hurt weeks before and the season seemed lost. Then Nick Florence rode in on the Briles Offensive Machine and things got better again. This was memorable because it was the first real indication we had that it wasn't just going to be the Robert Show. Or that it didn't have to be, I guess.
2010 -- Baylor 30, Texas 22 -- Bowling the week before and now beating Texas in Austin for the first time in what seemed like forever.
2011 -- Baylor 45, Oklahoma 38 -- Oh, wow. This game put Robert in front for the Heisman. The Texas game solidified it.
2011 -- Baylor 67, Washington 56 -- I didn't get to go to Baylor's first bowl win since I was a little kid, but I watched. And loved it.
2012 -- Baylor 52, Kansas State 24 -- I still have it on my DVR and watch it from time to time.
2012 -- Baylor 49, UCLA 19 -- It's not just hope anymore.

Thoughts? Feel free to expand outside of just Baylor games, or tell me about how I'm a young whippersnapper who has no idea what pain feels like because you were here in 1999. I'm listening.