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Baylor Players in the 2013 College Football Watch Lists

Numerous Baylor players have been and will continue to be honored as the Watch Lists for College Football's major awards roll out over the coming days/weeks. This thread will combine all of that information and serve as the start for a storystream recognizing those players.


Here's the format I'll use for this post to make sure each player gets their due. The link in the award name will be to the SB Nation post about the Watch List for that particular award, so you can see everyone listed that isn't a Baylor player. I'll also include the awards for which we didn't have anyone, just so we can collectively shame them into oblivion.

As I add individual posts to the storystream, this post will continue to be updated.

Award // Player // StoryStream Post // Baylor Post

That's all we have for now with RB, DL, DB, WR, and several others left to go.