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NCAA Player Ratings: Top 10 for Baylor

Setting aside for a moment the farcical myth that EA isn't actually depicting real players in their games, here are the top 10 Baylor players (at the moment, they do update things) from NCAA 2014.

Ronald Martinez

Before we get to the Baylor list, if you want to view the video this screenshot was taken from, SB Nation has it in its entirety, with a few thoughts. I'm not going to do what they've done and even act (just a little bit) like these guys aren't intended to be real people. Say what you want, EA, I respect the legal process; they're real people.


Baylor's Top 10 Players:

1. RB Lache Seastrunk
2. OG Cyril Richardson
3. K Aaron Jones
4. S Ahmad Dixon
5. WR Tevin Reese
6. LB Sam Holl
7. LT Spencer Drango
8. MLB Bryce Hager
9. CB K.J. Morton
10. RT Troy Baker


  • First and foremost, it is an absolute travesty that Glasco Martin isn't A) considered one of our ten best players, and B) ranked 85 or higher. He'd be the feature back on a lot of teams, just not ours.
  • What world are we supposed to be living in where Aaron Jones is the third-best player on our team? I mean, I don't hate the guy or anything, but what?
  • I'd be willing to bet Briles has never coached a team where his QB wasn't one of his ten best players, and I don't think he's starting now.
  • Cyril must be hella fast, or Jones hella slow, or possibly a mixture of both.
  • Speaking of speed, Spencer Drango's acceleration is a 95? Is this relative, like he's a 95 for offensive linemen, or he's a 95 overall? Does EA really think he has better acceleration than Tevin Reese?
  • SAM HOLL IS AN 88 ON THIS GAME? If Sam Holl made the game, he might not give himself a grade of 88. But now I'm going to be called a hater again. That's not my intent. I'm sure he's a wonderful person.
  • Seastrunk's speed is higher than 92. That's all I'm saying.

What do you think?