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Baylor Football-- 2013 Spring Scrimmage Open Thread

Across Texas this morning, we have absolutely gorgeous weather for a little springtime football. The high this afternoon for Waco is 79 degrees with a 0% chance of rain and breezy winds from the south gusting to 25 mph. We'll have to see if those winds have any effect on the passing game.


There wasn't much news you didn't already know about beforehand today, so I didn't put together a Weekend Update with so little to update. Instead, we jump right in to the Open Thread for the 2013 Spring Scrimmage. As I said last night, a bevy of highly-ranked recruits are either making their way south or are already in Waco this morning. They should be treated to an up-close look at the most explosive offense in the country over the last few years and a defense looking to redeem itself after more than a few setbacks.

In case you didn't read it yesterday, I put up depth charts in my preview that I believe to be fairly accurate for how things are. If there are major deviations from that, I'll make sure to post in this thread about them. How I envision this going is basically like any other major event open thread. There are more than a few tweet-happy observers that will be down there today, so when/if they give us an update, I'll make sure to share it here. Baylor Football's official account will also be fairly active, I imagine.

So either hang out here and talk about Baylor Football or check back periodically, whatever you want. I'll do my best to keep you as informed as possible.

(I wanted to put that .gif of the bear driving the fiery car in this thread, but I couldn't find it. So more's the pity.)