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Baylor Football Spring Scrimmage set for 1 PM on Saturday, April 6

That's this coming Saturday, obviously. There had been a few questions asked about what time the scrimmage was scheduled to take place, and now those questions have been answered.

According to Baylor, admission to the scrimmage is free and there will be shuttles running from the Ferrell Center to the Highers Athletic Complex between 11 AM and 4 PM. If you want to go, I strongly suggest you do; I managed to make it for the first Spring Scrimmage at Highers a couple of years ago, though I didn't get to go last year when I really wanted to, and it's a great time. Word is that a number of recruits will be on-hand to partake in the festivities, and if you are as football-starved as I am, this will be your only opportunity to see the Bears in action until August 31 when they take the field against Wofford. That is such a very long time away.