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Big news for Baylor's OL depth

Baylor's 247Sports site is reporting that JUCO OL Tyler Edwards, who flipped his commitment from West Virginia to Baylor in November and then did not arrive at semester like expected, WILL enroll at Baylor this summer after completing his required courses.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the loss of Troy Baker on the right side and a tenuous situation at center and right guard, the offensive line has long been my biggest personal concern. It's not that I don't think the guys we have now (Spencer Drango, Cyril Richardson, Stefan Huber, Desmine Hilliard, and Kelvin Palmer) won't get the job done, it's that pushing the latter three into those spots now means our depth has taken a serious hit. With the amount of rotating we do on the OL and the potential, knock on wood, for further injury, it's an issue Briles himself identified during spring practice.

And now it's gotten a little better. Colt Barber of reported a few hours ago that Tyler Edwards, the JUCO OL we expected to be on campus for spring practice that wasn't, will enroll in Baylor this summer and participate in Baylor's summer offseason program. While it may be a bit much to expect him to compete for a starting position, as I would have had he been here this spring, his presence should solidify our depth considerably given his positional flexibility (he can probably play all three positions) and experience. Edwards being there means an injury, knock on wood again, probably wouldn't be so crippling as before.

So there you go, Baylor fans. A little Friday afternoon news to lighten your spirits.