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Baylor Football NFL Draft Preview: Day One

The Baylor Bears look to continue our streak of first rounders tonight when the NFL Draft kicks off on ESPN, but it won't be easy. Only WR Terrance Williams has a legitimate shot of hearing his name called tonight, and he'll need a receiver-hungry team to reach a bit to make that happen.

Sarah Glenn

Terrence Williams

#2 / Wide Receiver / Baylor Bears



I know what Baylor fans are thinking right now: with Terrance's performance this past season and the accolades resulting therefrom, how is this guy not a first round pick? All he did was finish in the top 3 in the Biletnikoff voting, lead the country in receiving, make several All-American teams, and basically dominate opposing defenses all year long. Just look at his stats:

Receiving Kickoff Returns Punt Returns
G Rec Yds Y/G AVG TD KR YDS AVG Lng TD PR Yds Avg Lng TD
13 97 1832 140.9 18.9 12 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

He wasn't used on kickoffs or punts, nor would he be in the NFL. Those stats are just there as part of the widget. Now check out the highlights:

Williams is an outstanding blocker for a WR, has excellent size, and will never be the Terrell Owens-type prima donna receiver. He is as humble a kid as you've ever met, probably mostly due to the fact that he came to Baylor out of W.T. White High School in Dallas, Texas as a 2* almost-afterthought of a recruit.

But the reality is that he probably won't go in the First Round tonight, no matter how much we want him to. Out of all the mocks I've seen-- and there is a great breakdown of those mocks here-- only Peter King and John McClain have him going in the first, both to the New England Patriots with the 29th overall pick. A best-case scenario, in my mind, that pick would have the Houston Texans pass him up two picks earlier. They are the other team to which Williams is constantly connected.

Now, it may be that King and McClain know something others don't. I'm not discounting that possibility. And I certainly believe, despite the things that are seen to be his flaws like body catching and less than elite top-end speed, that Williams is worthy of a first round pick. But right now, it just doesn't look likely to happen. Hopefully, I'll be proven to be totally wrong, as has so often happened in the past, and Williams will keep the streak alive tonight. Hopefully. For Terrance, though, maybe dropping into the second round to the Washington Redskins wouldn't be so bad, though.

As more mocks come out today, I'll update the info in this thread. For now, there's this:

Sic 'em, Terrance!