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ESPN's David Ubben introduces live blog of Baylor spring practice

I'm slightly disappointed he wasn't announcing his surrogacy of Robert Griffin III's first child, but this is still good. I guess. He claims that he'll have video updates and observations from today's practice, the first following the Easter Holiday.


You can view the live blog (once it begins, I mean) through's Big 12 Blog or by simply coming here. I'll post any interest observations he has in the comments and we can all pseudo-watch practice together, if I'm not straining the definition of "watch" too far by including the second-hand observations of someone unaffiliated with the program. I probably am.

Anyway, check out the live blog from Ubben, who is personally on-site in Waco today, and hang around a bit here. The Spring Game (or Spring Scrimmage, as I think they're calling it) is this Saturday, April 6. I'm not entirely sure of the time just yet, but I'll post that information when it becomes available.


UPDATE: Ubben had a little car trouble on the way down, but he's in Waco now. DEVELOPING!!!