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Spring Practice Note: RT Troy Baker Tears Left ACL

Baylor Football received a bit of bad news yesterday when upcoming junior tackle Troy Baker went down with an apparent injury, now confirmed by a tear of his left ACL.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I've now heard rumors on both sides of the equation: Troy Baker being both out for a year and not severely injured. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Once the results of the MRI come back, we should know a bit more about his prognosis. We're still six months out from the start of the season, so a less serious injury could give him the chance to come back this year, if indeed there is damage to his knee.

Baker tweeted this last night:

We should know more this afternoon. Once we get more information, I'll update the thread.

As for what this means for our offensive line, Baker was a starter in 2012 and one of the brightest spots, along with Spencer Drango, going into 2013. That kind of solidity at tackle cannot be underestimated, nor can it be easily replaced. If he is out for an extended period of time, my guess is that Kelvin Palmer, who has been working at center, gets first crack at replacing him. That opens the middle for Kyle Fuller, the second team center thus far.

The potential negativity of this news is lessened somewhat by our soft schedule to open 2013, but (if the worst is true) this could be a huge loss, indeed.

UPDATE: Confirmed by Art Briles himself. Baker tore his left ACL.

October 1 would be quite ambitious, indeed.