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Baylor Football 2013 Pro Day Open/Update Thread

The Day of Days for Terrance Williams, Lanear Sampson, Ivory Wade, and Baylor's other draft-eligible (and leaving) players is here. Most of them didn't get a chance to participate in the NFL Combine, so this is their best opportunity to show NFL scouts what they can do.


I'm sure the action won't start until much later in the day, but I didn't know exactly when, so I scheduled it to go up at 9. At worst, we sit for a while. Once things get going, I'll post whatever updates come in. We did this last year and it went pretty well. I imagine most of the news will be from twitter, but if you see other things I haven't posted, please feel free to share. A couple of things I'm looking for:

  • What teams are there? Last year we had a record number, I believe, but it was obvious why-- Robert Griffin III. Who comes this time?
  • 40 times for Terrence Williams and Lanear Sampson-- see if either can improve on the NFL Combine times.
  • Workout info for our draft-eligible OL like Wade and Kaufhold. I desperately want Wade to go as high in the Draft as possible to keep that OL pipeline strong.
  • Basically who is working out, to be truthful. I assume guys like Chance Casey will work out even if they are doubtful to be drafted, but who else? That's something to watch.
  • Who throws to our receivers in their workouts? I don't think it can be Petty, so will they bring Nick Florence back?
  • What recruits are we bringing in? Last year we had our second Junior Day on the same date, coincidentally, I'm sure, but that doesn't seem to be happening this year. Still, I'd be extremely surprised if we didn't have someone in town considering I think there are still a few Spring Breaks going on.

Check back for updates throughout the day!

UPDATE: We are underway!