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Baylor WRs Lanear Sampson and Terrance Williams invited to the 2013 NFL Combine

They are the only two Baylor players invited this year, meaning that OL Ivory Wade, a 4 year starter on Baylor's offensive line, was not. I find that a fairly notable snub given that he is a seeming lock to be drafted at some point in the first five rounds. Maybe this year didn't go as well as I thought.


The entire list is available from the mothership here. There's also a good breakdown of the positions invited (16 QBs seems a bit much, but I'm not an expert) and a list of high-profile snubs. Ivory didn't make that list for reasons that I assume are shrouded in mystery.

I'll be excited to see Terrance given the chance to show what he can do physically since it sounds like he's falling down draft boards a bit. The selfish side of me wants to see our first round pick streak continue into next season, at least, so that Cyril Richardson gets a chance when it comes time. We'll see how Lanear, who may be a bit small for outside receiver in the NFL, performs, as well.