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Art Briles New Twitter Account is Off the Chain!

"He" has only tweeted four times so far, but each of them has been memorable for his closing on 3000 followers.

Tom Pennington

In case you missed the news, and I'm not entirely sure how you did considering the attention I've given it, Art Briles now has an official twitter account: @CoachArtBriles. There have been several hilarious fake iterations purporting to be Briles in the past, but this one is real and endorsed by the Baylor Athletic department. My hope for this account was that it would raise Briles' online profile (I'm serious) and bring attention to the Baylor Football team in the twitter world. I was not ready for what actually happened.

Here's his first tweet, as innocuous an entrance as they come:

Yay! Briles is on twitter! The birds are chirping, it's getting warmer, Spring is almost here! Now the second tweet:

This was the first indication we had, although we didn't know it at the time, that we were in for something grand here. But the follow-up was disarming, to say the least:

He gives a little love to his star offensive player, perhaps making a statement at the same time to a few offensive recruits, and all is right with the world. Then this happened:

This is either beautiful or terrifying to you, there is no in-between. And it officially marks the beginning of an entirely new ballgame. If Art Briles really took out his Blackberry and tweeted this, it might be a top-5 moment in my entire life. If someone else did it, kudos to the Powers That Be who gave them the opportunity.

The first two days of Art Briles on Twitter has set the bar extremely high. S*** just got real.