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Projected 2013 Baylor Football Depth Chart

With about three weeks to go before Baylor begins its 2013 Spring workouts, here is how I project things at this point. I've no inside information, this is mostly speculation combined with what little info has been reported by other places.


Editor's Note: I made a page with the exact same substance as posted in this thread that will be updated periodically as more information comes available. Transfers, injuries, additional JUCO or late-qualifying players, etc. could all play a role in how things look come August 2013.

Recently, I've been contemplating doing two bigger projects with respect to the 2013 Baylor Bears roster. One is an attempt to break down how many spots we might have available for recruiting in 2014 to better ascertain our needs. The other is an early look at the 2013 depth chart as it stands right now. I've decided to go with the latter first.

The information on this page will necessarily change over the course of the next few weeks, particularly when spring drills start at the beginning of March. There are relatively few unknowns in terms of the names on the two lists, but the relative orders could change significantly.

I began in the obvious place: last year's final depth chart for the 2012 Holiday Bowl, and removed the graduating players first. By my count, we lost 8 players from the offensive two-deep and 5 from the defense. That includes 9 total titular starters for that game. This is my first take on how things stand right now. As always, if you know something I don't have reflected, please let me know.


QB Bryce Petty (JR) Seth Russell (RS-Fr)
RB Lache Seastrunk (JR) Rashodrick Linwood (RS-Fr)
UB Glasco Martin (SR) Devin Chafin (RS-Fr)
WR Antwan Goodley (JR) Lynx Hawthorne (RS-Ff)
IR Tevin Reese (SR) Corey Coleman (RS-Fr)
IR Levi Norwood (JR) Clay Fuller (JR)
WR Jay Lee (SO Robbie Rhodes (FR)
TE Jordan Najvar (SR) Jerod Monk (SR)
LT Spencer Drango (SO) Kelvin Palmer (SR)
LG Cyril Richardson (SR) Kelvin Palmer (SR)
C Kelvin Palmer (SR) Kyle Fuller (RS-Fr)
RG Stefan Huber (SR) Desmine Hilliard (SO) OR OR
Laquan McGowan (SO)
RT Troy Baker (JR) Pat Colbert (SO)

I'm doing significant guessing on the second team spots for the offensive line and receiver positions. There's also the small matter of who steps up to play RG that has to be determined. Missing on Dionte Savage to OU in this year's recruiting class left that spot wide open for 2013, meaning we'll have to have someone assert themselves in the spring to solidify the offensive line. Everything I've heard to date on Huber says he's capable of grabbing the center spot, but that's another where a JUCO could have been useful. Tyler Edwards' grade issues come back to haunt us again.


LE Terrance Lloyd (SR) Shawn Oakman (JR)
DT Terell Brooks (JR) Trevor Clemons-Valdez (SO)
NG Beau Blackshear (SO) Andrew Billings (FR)
RE Chris McAllister (SR) Javonte Magee (SO)
WLB Eddie Lackey (SR) Brian Nance (FR)
MLB Bryce Hager (JR) Kendall Ehrlich (RS-Fr)
NB Sam Holl (SR) Prince Kent (SR)
CB K.J. Morton (SR), OR
Demetri Goodson (SR)
Xavien Howard (RS-Fr)
DS Ahmad Dixon (SR) K.J. Morton (SR)
CS Terrell Burt (SO) OR
K.J. Morton (SR)
Terrence Singleton (RS-Fr)
CB Joe Williams (SR) Darius Jones (SR)

Like WR, our safety position is looking a bit sparse at the moment unless the rumors are true and Dixon is moving back to his natural spot. I'm going to assume that smoke follows the fire. Burt gets the nod next to him in the spot vacated by the graduating Mike Hicks, although every report on former-QB Terrence Singleton is supposedly good. We'll see how it goes.

I have a hard time believing we go into another season with Morton and Williams as our starting corners, but they get the nod until unseated. Ours looks to be a defense laden heavily with seniors with numerous high-impact underclassmen backing them up. I expect Oakman, for one, to be starting sooner than later, perhaps with Magee flanking him on the other side.


PK Aaron Jones (SR) You? Me?
P Spencer Roth (JR) Same thing.

Antwan Goodley (JR)

Darius Jones (SR)
PR Levi Norwood (JR) Antwan Goodley (JR)
LS Zach Northern (SR) Someone, I'm sure.
H Brody Trahan (SR) Clay Fuller (JR)

The good news on special teams, so much as there is any: we don't lose anyone of substance.

This is my best guess. It involves a tremendous amount of speculation at several key positions, including outside wide receiver, interior offensive line, and safety. I'm surprised to find out that backup RB is a bit trickier of a spot than I anticipated. An injury to either Glasco or Lache could be a big problem for us, although I think it just means the redshirt comes off Johnny Jefferson.

I mean it when I say that anything you know that isn't reflected here should be. Please share with me what you know if you don't something. Also, if you disagree with my take on things at this moment, share that as well.