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Oregon's Anthony Wallace looking to transfer to Baylor?

Based on a tweet from just over an hour ago, it looks as though Baylor could have another impact transfer on its hands on the defensive side of the ball should it wish to. ILB Anthony Wallace tweeted that he is interested in talking to both our coaches and those of TCU.


Wallace was a member of Oregon's 2011 recruiting class and announced his intention to transfer from the Ducks about a month ago, according to Oregon's 247Sports site. He was a consensus 4*, top-150 recruit from Dallas Skyline when he chose the Ducks and will apparently have 3 years to play 2 (sitting out the first, probably) wherever he goes.

I don't know if our coaches have an interest in bringing in another linebacker to the program considering we took 5 in this class alone. The fact that he would occupy a scholarship for three years to only play two complicates things a bit, and we may be loathe to dedicating too many spots to transfers. That's total speculation on my part, though.

This may be one to watch going forward. I have to say that it feels like one of those situations where TCU will get him, turn him into an incredible MLB, and we'll regret not having gone after him forever. I can see that narrative being written already and it hasn't even happened yet.

It may be worth noting that Wallace reportedly had ties in high school to a man by the name of Baron Flenory. Flenory, if you recall, was involved in the Oregon pay-for-recruits scandal along with Will Lyles. We already played with fire in that deal by taking Lache Seastrunk, and that connection may make our decision with respect to Wallace easier. But again, I'm speculating.