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LSU fails, Texas survives, and Baylor is ticketed for the Top 5 in the BCS

Here we are 800 comments and two open threads later and things look about as we expected coming into today. Not enough happened, I think, to make a meaningful difference in where Baylor ends up tomorrow when the latest BCS rankings come out.

Kevin C. Cox

No matter what we think about where the Bears should be in relation to both Stanford and Ohio State, it looks likely at this point that Baylor will come in at #5 when the BCS rankings are released tomorrow night.  Alabama did its boa constrictor act, getting up on LSU in the second half and then slowly squeezing the life out of them the rest of the way, eventually winning by 3 TDs in a game that seemed so much closer than that for so long because Saban likes to toy with his food.  FSU ritualistically sacrificed a horrid Wake Forest team, somehow earning plaudits for doing basically the exact same thing we've done 4-5 times this year to teams as good or better than Wake Forest.  Ohio State didn't play.

In Big 12 action, Texas somehow managed to grit out a win in overtime over a team that: A) turned the ball over 5 times in the game, B) lost its starting QB in the first quarter, and C) Baylor chose not to beat by 100 a month ago.  The Longhorns remain unbeaten in Big 12 play for at least a week, until they play an Oklahoma State team that should be a double-digit favorite.  Case McCoy will get at least a few more chances to do ridiculous, borderline insane things on the field and come out smelling like a rose.  That's fun.  What's also fun is that our win over Kansas State continues to look better and better, even if it is at the expense of this week's game against Texas Tech, who will fall from the rankings after getting drilled in Lubbock today.

On the Heisman front, I'll repeat what I said yesterday evening about how ridiculous it is that Bryce Petty isn't getting more love.  With Marcus Mariota's fall from grace on Thursday night, reporter after reporter, announcer after announcer, is acting like this is a two-man race between Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel.  When they include a third, it's often A.J. McCarron, an admittedly good QB on possibly the best team in the country.  Petty is an afterthought, a curiosity they anticipate will vanish shortly and save them the trouble.  That he leads the best offense in the country and is doing so at a record-setting pace doesn't seem to register.  All Baylor and Petty can do is keep winning, keep lighting up the scoreboard, and hope that logic will take hold.

I can't even remember what else happened through most of the day.  It seems like everyone who was supposed to win, did, even if it wasn't as easy for some (Arizona State, Texas A&M) as expected.  Congrats to Vanderbilt for the finishing blow on Florida's disaster of a season.  I read somewhere it was the first time ever that they won against UGA and UF in the same year.  That's pretty awesome.

If you're looking for something more informative than my ramblings, check out the recap of the day's events from the mothership. I'm sure it will be updated shortly with more information from the games tonight.