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Baylor Falls to OSU ... in GIFs

Because we all need some levity right now.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I'll save you the trouble of even having to read very much of an intro because I know you're still sad. Here are our reactions to the game.

Baylor Nation's reaction when Bryce Petty fell down.

Bryce Petty's reaction.

The ensuing fumble.

The rest of the game.

How long did the game feel?

When you woke up on Sunday

When someone says, "Baylor got exposed."

"Baylor can't win in Stillwater."

The injuries and the loss, even though we don't want to make excuses.

When you saw Bryce Petty's tweet.

Leaving the BCS National Championship discussion

But wait ... we're still in for the best season in Baylor football history?

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