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Baylor Retains Top 10 BCS Ranking at #9

Following a disastrous loss last night in Stillwater, the Baylor Bears have retained a Top 10 ranking in the latest BCS, keeping hope alive for an at-large BCS bid, to say nothing of the Big 12 Championship.

Ronald Martinez

Because of last night's loss, the Baylor Bears have reached the point where they no longer control their own destiny in the Big 12 Conference.  We know that.  We've accepted it.  To win the conference outright and play in the Fiesta Bowl, Baylor needs the Oklahoma Sooners to knock off the Oklahoma St. Cowboys a week from this coming Saturday.  All we can do is win out, driving our ranking as high as possible while other teams fall, and hope for the best.

8 teams are now ranked above the 1-loss Bears, who now have no real chance to play for the National Championship.  We probably didn't have much of one a week ago because we needed two teams favored to win the rest of their games to lose, but now we have none.  That's fine.

The last few weeks, I've been posting all of the schedules for the teams ranked ahead of us.  I did that because we were undefeated and had that chance, however small, I talked about above.  Now, there are only three teams that probably matter in the larger scope, and Baylor isn't one of them.  Should they win out, the Alabama Crimson Tide and Florida St. Seminoles will play for the National Championship.  Sitting on the outside looking in will be the Ohio St. Buckeyes.  That's what I expect to happen.  But as we found out this weekend, my expectations are often either misguided or just outright wrong.

It will be interesting to see how high the Bears can climb if we can keep winning.  My guess is that we can get somewhere around 6 or 7, since Auburn will probably lose.  So will Missouri. SEC bias could keep both ahead of us with two losses, it's true.

Congrats to Oklahoma State on reaching #7!  The Big 12 has 3 teams ranked in the top 25 with OSU, Baylor, and OU at #18.