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Baylor Thrashes Texas Tech ... in .GIFs!

Better late than never ...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Before we wrap-up all of our Texas Tech talk here at ODB and move on completely to those folks up in Stillwater, I thought I would go ahead and provide you with perhaps the most anticipated .GIF post to date.

At this point, I pretty much equate "Where is the .GIF post?" right up there with Brian Nance's status questions - but you know what, you're right dang it. You deserve some .GIFs to make it through increasingly long weeks without your Baylor Football team on the field.

So for those of you still holding a bit of a grudge for being late, go watch this again and know that is why you are getting this so late.

Now, on to the GIFs

When those Chrome Gold Helmets came, quite literally, marching out of the tunnel

All of the Baylor women when Kliff Kingsbury would show up on a 60 yard screen in the stadium.

When the Red Raiders scored first and suddenly Tech got mouthy.

When we didn't do anything on our first drive and had to punt.

They score again.

Bryce Petty to Levi Norwood!

Purchasing anything in AT&T Stadium.

How we determine the next running back on the depth chart.

Levi Norwood's punt return

Physics' reaction to KJ Morton's interception.

The Petty to Goodley connection on the ensuing play.



When you saw all of our second half touchdowns were runs.

Any time Tech fans went to throw tortillas in the second half.

Shock Linwood finally gets his touchdown after rushing for 183 yards.

How it must feel calling plays in the fourth quarter against Baylor

When we decided to keep ourselves from scoring 70.

Longhorn fans when they get a hold of Art Briles' contract

How we feel heading into Stillwater with injuries.

To the National Media, as always.

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