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Art Briles signs extension through 2023

For huge news just about everyone expected over the past few days, I was woefully unprepared for this to break this evening. I was told to expect tomorrow. Baylor has just extended the contract of head coach Art Briles through 2023.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived: the Baylor Board of Regents has approved a contract extension for Art Briles through the 2023 season with a buyout that is reportedly "significant" according to Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News.  I can confirm this (for whatever that is worth) with what I've been told.  From Carlton on Twitter:

I'm going to agree with Chuck in that last tweet.  In the aftermath of this news, people around the country will likely continue to speculate wildly that Briles may be a candidate for other coaching jobs.  They will be wrong.  Doing this now represents a commitment-- a sign of loyalty -- from both sides, Baylor and Briles, to the other.  Sure, phone calls will probably still be made, if they haven't been already.  But as I said above, the reported buyout attached to this deal is tremendous. I feel very confident saying that he will be a Baylor Bear for a long, long time.


UPDATE 2: From Briles via Smoaky...

And now I'm going to celebrate!  For more info and updates on the story, hit the thread on the mothership.  I will also update this thread as more information becomes available.