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Injury Report: Glasco Martin and Lache Seastrunk "probable at best"

A bit of news coming down this afternoon about Baylor's RB situation, which may be going from "What will we do with all these RBs" to, well, "What will we do with all these RBs?"

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In the aftermath of Baylor's dominant, yet costly win over Oklahoma last Thursday, people have been predictably (and reasonably) on edge about our injury situation.  Tevin Reese is gone for the regular season, at least, with a wrist injury that required some kind of surgery I know nothing about.  I'm not a doctor.  Immediately after the game concluded, rumors swirled that RB Glasco Martin could be gone, as well, with a torn meniscus.  That is apparently not true.  I'll repeat: that is not true.  But it is apparently true that he is at least somewhat hurt, as is fellow RB Lache Seastrunk.  From ESPN1660's Craig Smoak on twitter:

Two ways to look at this: 1) it's good that he said "probable" with respect to Glasco, since the earlier news was so much worse, and 2) it's bad that neither is practicing yet this week.  It's Wednesday.  In their absence, freshman sensation Rashodrick Linwood is probably getting the lion's share of the carries.  However...

The Chafin part isn't surprising.  He's been the heir apparent to Glasco's power back role since he got here, and it would make sense to use him as the complement to Linwood, if you felt like you needed one.  Johnny Jefferson is, of course, the true freshman RB signed in the 2013 class.  He switched to Baylor from Texas A&M and was reported to have received an offer from Texas late in the recruiting cycle (one of those "we'll offer if you commit now, but we won't offer if you won't" situations).  Baylor loves him, but they'd love to redshirt him, if possible.

Then there's this.  I've alluded to this possibility on the board recently because it makes perfect sense.  Goodley is built like a running back playing WR, anyway.  We heard rumors before his breakout this year that if Lache left after the season, he might be a candidate to get playing time at the position in 2014.  Now that he has broken out, however, and without Reese on the shelf for the rest of the year, I question whether this is a real possibility, something they might do a couple of times a game, at most, or a little something-something for KK and the gang to think about.

This is obviously not about running backs, but there you go.  I've seen people on other boards asking where Rhodes has been, and now we know.  He's been injured.  As for his condition at the moment...

If you haven't already, you should really throw Craig a follow on twitter.  This is good information that people wanted to know.

So what do you think about all this?  Will it have a meaningful impact on our ability to run against Texas Tech on Saturday?

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