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Grantland on Art Briles as "The Architect" of Baylor Football

Friend of the Blog Chris Brown, also known as @SmartFootball on twitter, published what can only be referred to as an opus on Art Briles today over at ESPN's Grantland. It is worth your time.

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With little going on this afternoon until the First Look at Kansas later, today is another one of those days where I've been searching for something to post worthy of doing so at the top of the page.  It didn't take me long to find it on Grantland, courtesy of Chris Brown, the eponymous @SmartFootball on twitter.  Today, he posted a lengthy profile of Art Briles that breaks down in great detail what he's done at Baylor, how he's done it, and where this thing could potentially go that is an absolute must-read. There's also a bit at the end there about where Briles himself might go, but let's not talk about that.  Instead, focus on passages like the following:

Briles has made believers out of players and fans conditioned by years of disappointment by having the audacity to expect success at a place that has never really known it. If this weren't happening at Baylor, Briles's approach would be something like arrogance: We are going to score, and we are going to win. "We do not try to go to the body to set up the knockout shot," Briles said at a recent coaching clinic. "We try to score on every snap."

And I try to enjoy it every time you do, Coach.  Seriously, this is a great article that deserves the plaudits it will no doubt receive.  Don't wait to enjoy it with a nice red while in the bath; read it now.

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