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A Collection of Baylor-related GIFs!

Hopefully you will find something for every scenario here.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let me begin by saying that I am going to inevitably miss some and that I need your help in the comments.

I'm not looking for reaction .GIFs - my bookmarks toolbar is full of those (I know - you're shocked), I'm talking about purely Baylor Bear related .GIFs. This includes anything with a bear in it though, because you know ... bears.

So without further adieu - here is your one stop shop for all Baylor .GIFs.

Art Briles Drops the Mic

Baylor's Got Talent

Baylor Bears aftermath v1

Baylor Bears aftermath v2

Baylor Bears aftermath v3

Baylor bears aftermath v4


Hey there!


We will eat you.

There are no words to describe this GIF

Chrome Gold baby.


Da Bears.

I think this was the first viral video, like ever

Can God save a hooker?

Slow motion goodness

Do a little dance

More dancing.

Ahhhh yissss

Even RG3 does a little dancing

Morgantown ain't got nothin on us.

Kim Mulkey is mad.

Let me take that right there.

And maybe my favorite ...

Need to hat tip to Nick Pants and imahammeru for their contributions. Please place anything I've missed in the comments and if you make one ... it belongs below as well! Now, go find a reason to use these. I didn't include game play .GIFs because crowd-sourcing those is much easier.