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Post-Bowl Poll: The Big 12 Football Tournament

The question is very simple: now that the bowl games are over and a national champion has been crowned, who do you think is the best team in the Big 12 at this moment? Think of it this way: the Big 12 holds a 10-team seeded tournament beginning tomorrow with OU and KSU getting byes. Who wins?


The seedings I described would be as follows: Kansas St. Wildcats, Oklahoma Sooners, Texas Longhorns, Oklahoma St. Cowboys, Baylor Bears, Texas Tech Red Raiders, TCU Horned Frogs, West Virginia Mountaineers, Iowa St. Cyclones, Kansas Jayhawks.

That yields a tournament:

Game A: #8 WVU vs. #9 ISU
Game B: #7 TCU vs. #10 KU
Game C: Game A winner vs. #1 KSU
Game D: #4 Baylor vs. #5 OSU
Game E: Game B winner vs. #2 OU
Game F: #3 UT vs. #6 TT

Game G: Winner of Game C vs. Winner of Game D
Game H: Winner of Game E vs. Winner of Game F

Championship: Winner of Game G vs. Winner of Game H.

In the poll below, vote on who wins as of this moment (teams as you see them right now) with the conditions listed above. If you believe the conditions should change, let me know and we can go from there. I'm assuming this tournament begins this week and all eligible players for the bowl games are eligible right now, but no more.

I want as many votes in this as we can get, so if you're from another blog, please feel free to vote. Please vote honestly, however, based on what you really think would happen.

This is just something I thought up to do this evening, so I haven't put a ton of work into the concept. If people enjoy the idea, though, or want to submit graphics to better fill-out the post, please feel free to email me at OurDailyBears @ gmail.

Also, please keep the trolling posts to a minimum. "Yeah, well all of these teams would lose to MY AGGIES!" might well be true, but it isn't really relevant. Insert your favorite team for "MY AGGIES" in that sentence and the thought remains the same.