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Baylor Football Uniform Improvement Poll

By my count we are roughly 8.5 months from the first meaningful action related to the 2013 Baylor Football season and 3 months out from Spring Practice, so what better time for baseless uniform conjecture?

Kent Horner

Because of the way polls work on SB Nation, you can only choose one option. More's the pity, I think, because I'd really like to know where everyone is on this. With the news that Baylor is looking new uniforms square in the face this year due to our upgraded status with Nike, we will almost certainly have more options available to us. That gets my mind going fun places (uniform-wise, of course) that I only wish I had someone to photoshop for me.

In the comments, give me your best uniform ideas for Baylor football to both improve the brand and keep ties to our traditions (if such things are important to you, of course). Do you want new color combinations? Great, let's hear them. New helmet ideas? Of course. Replace our mascot with a dinosaur? What? No.

The black uniforms were a good start this season, but I never got my main wish: matte black helmets adorned with the interlocking BU. I'd probably faint if one came available, to be truthful with you, simply because I think it would be the greatest uniform in the history of college football. That's right, I said the entire history of the sport to date. Can you imagine Lache Seastrunk ripping off huge runs clothed like a Horseman of the Football Apocalypse? You can now.