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Baylor Football upgraded to Nike Tier 1 for 2013

One long-awaited reward for Baylor's recent rise in college football has finally happened as Nike has upgraded the Bears to Tier 1 status for next season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a video interview with KWTX in Waco, Art Briles may have let the cat out of the bag a bit with regard to next year's uniforms. Briles intimates, though he does not outright state, that Baylor will be getting entirely new uniforms for next season as a result of Nike's upgrade of the program into its "Tier 1" status. He also mentioned the possibility of new helmets as part of the agreement.

Before anyone loses their mind over the possibility of uniform-related upheaval, no, I don't think this is going result in Baylor becoming "Oregon-lite" or anything like that. Oregon is in a special situation, obviously, because of their affiliation with Phil Knight. We don't have anything like that. I am interested to know, however, if Robert Griffin III's deal with Adidas and our relationship with that company through MBB might have played a role in Nike finally pulling the trigger in negotiations. Like Briles said in the video, this change is something he's been looking for basically since he got here, and having Adidas potentially waiting in the wings to offer us something special might have given us additional leverage. No matter what happens, I would expect the gold/green/gold uniform combination to remain the Baylor standard for home games, you'll probably just see additional custom details and increased quality of the uniforms themselves.