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A message for fans of college football worldwide

Thanks to the majesty that is Google Translate, I have something just about everyone in the world should be able to read and appreciate.

Tom Pennington

English -- Art Briles is not leaving Baylor.
Albanian -- Art Briles nie verlaat Baylor.
Arabic -- ال
لا يترك بايلرارت برايلز
Armenian -- Art Briles չի հեռանում Baylor.
Azerbaijani -- Art Briles Baylor tərk deyil.
Basque -- Art Briles ez dago Baylor utziz.
Belarussian --
Art Briles не пакідае Baylor.
Bulgarian-- Аrt Briles не напуска Бейлър.
Catalan -- Art Briles no es va Baylor.
Chinese -- Art Briles不会离开贝勒。
Chinese -- Art Briles不會離開貝勒。
Croatian -- Art Briles ne ostavljajući Baylor.
Czech -- Art Briles není opouští Baylor.
Danish -- Art Briles forlader ikke Baylor.
Dutch -- Art Briles is niet weg Baylor.
Esperanto --
Art Briles ne lasante Baylor.
Estonian -- Art
Briles ei lahku Baylor.
Filipino -- Art Briles ay hindi umaalis ng Baylor.
Finnish -- Art Briles ei jää Baylor.
French -- Art Briles ne quitte pas Baylor.
Galician -- Art Briles non está deixando Baylor.
Georgian -- Art Briles არ ტოვებს Baylor.
German --
Art Briles verlässt Baylor nicht.
Greek -- Art Briles δεν αφήνει Baylor.
Gujarati -- Art Briles બેલર નથી મૂકી રહ્યાં છે.
Haitian Creole -- Art Briles se pa sa kite Baylor.
Hebrew -- Art Briles לא עוזב את ביילור.
Hindi -- Art Briles Baylor नहीं छोड़ रही है.
Hungarian -- Art Briles nem hagyja el Baylort.
Icelandic -- Art Briles ekki fara Baylor.
Indonesian -- Art Briles tidak meninggalkan Baylor.
Irish -- Níl Art Briles ag fágáil Baylor.
Italian -- Art Briles non lascia Baylor.
Japanese -- Art Brilesはベイラーを残していません。
Kannada -- Art Briles ಬೇಯ್ಲರ್ ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಇಲ್ಲ.
Korean -- Art Briles 베일러를 떠나지하지 않습니다.
Latin -- Art Briles non deserit, Baylor.
Latvian -- Art Briles nepamet Baylor.
Lithuanian -- Art Briles nėra paliekant Baylor.
Macedonian -- Art Briles не е оставајќи Бејлор.
Malay -- Art Briles tidak meninggalkan Baylor.
Maltese -- Art Briles mhix tħalli Baylor.
Norwegian -- Art Briles er ikke forlate Baylor.
Persian -- Art Briles بیلور را ترک نمی کند.
Polish -- Art Briles nie pozostawiając Baylor.
Portugese -- Art Briles não está deixando Baylor.
Romanian -- Art Briles nu pleacă Baylor.
Russian -- Art Briles не покидает Baylor.
Serbian -- Арт Брилес не напуштају Бејлор.
Slovak -- Art Briles nie opúšťa Baylor.
Slovenian -- Art Briles se ne grem Baylor.
Spanish --
Art Briles no esta dejando a Baylor
Swahili -- Art Briles si kuondoka Baylor.
Swedish -- Art Briles inte lämnar Baylor.
Tamil -- Art Briles பேய்லர் விட்டு.
Telugu -- Art Briles బేలర్ వదిలి లేదు.
Thai -- Art Briles ไม่ออกเบย์เลอร์
Turkish -- Art Briles Baylor bırakarak değil.
Ukrainian -- Art Briles не покидає Baylor.
Urdu -- Art Briles Baylor نہیں چھوڑ رہا ہے.
Vietnamese -- Art Briles không để lại Baylor.
Welsh -- Nid Art Briles yn gadael Baylor.
Yiddish -- קונסט ברילעס איז ניט געלאזן בייַלאָר.

Native speakers of each of the 63 languages provided above are undoubtedly going to find issues with the translations. I apologize in advance for those issues; as I said, I was going off Google Translate. Also, several languages are written from right to left, something the SBNation editor doesn't allow. In those instances, I hope the intended meaning still comes through.

That intended meaning is, if you didn't read the first line, that Art Briles is not going to leave Baylor University. At least not in the life of his current contract unless it is for retirement or the NFL. This is a limb onto which I climb knowing that should I be wrong, I'll never live this down. I am confident enough in the substance that I trod regardless.