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Terrance Williams named SportingNews All-American

Williams is the lone Big 12er on the exclusive list, headlined by Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, and one of only two WRs to make the cut, the other being USC's Marqise Lee. Congratulations, Terrance!


Terrance Williams' (Terrence Williams) magical season continues with today's news that he was named to the SportingNews All-American team, a team assembled from players all over the country who represent the best of the very best. They're kind of like CFB's version of the Avengers. I don't know which one Williams would be in that metaphor, but Jadeveon Clowney is clearly The Hulk.

Williams is the only Big 12 player on the entire team, including the defense. I can almost hear the wails now from West Virginia fans that Stedman Bailey and/or Tavon Austin weren't included. They seem to be like that.