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The Baylor Bears are going to the Holiday Bowl!

The official announcement is yet to come, but with players tweeting about it and just about every news source confirming the story, the limb is pretty short.

Cooper Neill

You can watch the free stream tonight on or just check out ESPN's announcement program, but it's basically a done deal at this point that Baylor will be playing the UCLA Bruins in the Holiday Bowl on December 27, 2012. Travel is going to be a bit of an issue for most Baylor fans, I'd wager, but the result will be worth it. This will be Baylor's biggest first bowl game out of state since the Copper Bowl in 1991, and easily the biggest of the Art Briles era. It'll be interesting to see if a strong showing on the West Coast helps recruiting in any tangible way...

Regardless, congratulations, Bears! A month ago a bowl game didn't even seem possible. Now you're headed west to play one of the marquee games in college football!

The players seem excited, at least...

And it's finally official!