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Baylor to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl? Sounds like it...

If true, this would be the best (in terms of prestige) bowl Baylor has gone to in who knows how long, but is the travel hit worth the marquee matchup?


I'll admit it, I'm in a bit of a quandary. My wife and I didn't get to go to the bowl game last year because of the situation with William and the fact that he was coming home the day after the game. While we were overjoyed at that aspect of it, we really wanted to be there for Robert's last game and to see the Bears play in San Antonio. That didn't come to pass, so we vowed to go this year no matter what.

It looks like that vow might be tested. Starting with the tweets I posted in the previous thread, rumors are now swirling across the twitterverse that Baylor is slotted for a matchup with UCLA in the Holiday Bowl, scheduled for December 27 in San Diego, California. San Diego is a little over 1465 miles from where I sit right now in east Texas. Flying is likely to be prohibitively expensive-- blogging isn't exactly a lucrative endeavor-- so driving will have to do. And there's almost no way we can take William with us that I can see right now.

So we, like most Baylor fans I'm guessing, will have to decide, should this rumor be true, if the juice if worth the squeeze. What do you think? If Baylor draws a San Diego game, are you going?

Just to bring it over from the last thread, here's how the rest of the games shake out as of this moment:
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State vs. Oregon
AT&T Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M
Valero Alamo Bowl: Texas vs Oregon State
Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: TCU vs. Michigan State
Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl: Baylor vs. UCLA
Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas: Texas Tech vs. Minnesota
New Era Pinstripe Bowl: West Virginia vs. Syracuse
Heart of Dallas Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Purdue