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Probable Big 12 Bowl Matchups

As information continues to come out about the bowl matchups nationwide, here's my best guess at this point about where the Big 12 teams will go and who they will play.


Ok, originally I had Baylor in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston, but then the rumors started swirling about Baylor to the Holiday Bowl:

He also said a few minutes later:

Wow. If true, that would give us...

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State vs. Oregon
AT&T Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M
Valero Alamo Bowl: Texas vs Oregon State
Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: TCU vs. Michigan State
Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl: Baylor vs. UCLA
Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas: Texas Tech vs. Minnesota
New Era Pinstripe Bowl: West Virginia vs. Syracuse
Heart of Dallas Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Purdue

I'm spitballing on the last two, and they could go either way. If this is true, here's the drive I'm going to have to make two days after Christmas.

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