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Meet the Press -- Oklahoma State

Baylor's final home game is upon us as the Bears prepare to face the Oklahoma State Cowboys, fresh off their Bedlam loss and looking to potentially improve on their bowl lot.


I don't do these "Meet the Press" updates every week because there often isn't anything worthy of note said. After getting to bowl eligibility last week, however, basically everyone involved, especially Head Coach Art Briles, gave great quotes. Here's the full update from, including the video of each interview.

Head Coach Art Briles

On Oklahoma State...
"Big game this week against a very good football team. They have been good for a long time, definitely the last 7 or 8 years since Coach Gundy has been there. They have a great tradition and history. They have done a great job."

"Their system has stayed pretty much the same the last 5 or 6 years. They probably aren't throwing the ball as much this year as they did with Brandon Weeden, [Justin] Blackmon and Dez [Bryant], but their offense is still very good."

Aside from looking quite dapper in the video, as always, Coach Briles is 100% correct on his appreciation of OSU's offensive tendencies. Already this season, Oklahoma State has 441 rushing attempts where they only had 392 all of last season. That's coupled with 408 pass attempts vs. 595 last year. That huge drop is probably to shield their trio of young quarterbacks in J.W. Walsh, Wes Lunt, and Clint Chelf. 441 rushes this season is approximately 51.9% of their offense, so we should expect balance when we play them this week.

On Nick Florence...
"Nick [Florence] is a once in a lifetime kind of person. It is a privilege to be able to be around people like that. You wonder why people are able to do extraordinary things and then you study them and you realize they do it because they are dedicated, disciplined, they have faith, and they are trustworthy. He is the definition of a leader."

That's deep, Coach. Brings a tear to me eye.

On the Big 12 not having a conference championship game...
"I don't think it is an easier path because we still have to play 9 conference games. They have to win 9 to get there and so do we, so I consider it a wash."

Let's hope the rest of the conference agrees so we can get this expansion thing underway and secure our future. You guys know where I fall on that, though.

Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On what this season has meant to him...
"It has meant a lot. Getting to play and getting that opportunity means a lot. All you can ask for is an opportunity, and I'm getting to be a part of it. I know we had higher goals than just a bowl game, but things happen during the season, and for the nation to write us off as a team and then to see the fight that this team has and to fight back has been extraordinary."

Wear that BU proudly, Nick.

Junior Linebacker Eddie Lackey

On being the defensive player of the week...
"It feels great. It's a big accomplishment for our defense to have two consecutive defensive players of the week. All credit to our defense."

Could you have ever imagined that we would have two Defensive Players of the Week in a row? And it would be Joe Williams and Eddie Lackey??? Mind = blown.

That was basically it from the article I posted, but it wasn't all that was said according to the Twitter.

I can't say enough about Terrance Williams. Just can't do it. He's too incredible a player and representative of the University.

Ahmad is going to be a huge leader for this team next year, so I'm glad to see him maturing in front of our eyes.