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#1 Kansas State is Coming to Waco

Baylor has a chance for a huge shocker this week with the #1 team in all the land, Kansas State, and the presumptive favorite for the Heisman Trophy, headed to Waco this week.


Somewhat shockingly, Baylor enters this week's game against the now #1-ranked Kansas State Wildcats, led by Heisman candidate QB Collin Klein, as 10 point underdogs as of this writing. When the game began Saturday against OU, we were 21.5 point underdogs.

I'm not sure why the disparity between the two games exists, but I do know that this game could be even a taller order than the last in terms of win-ability. Kansas State's defense is no joke, and Klein is playing about as well as any QB we've ever played. Still, Baylor has the chance, however small, to not only redeem this disappointing season by knocking off the #1 team but also take a much-needed step toward bowl eligibility. A little payback for last season's gutpunch loss in Manhattan wouldn't hurt, either.

Kansas State took over the top spot in the rankings after Alabama lost last night to the hands of Texas A&M in a fairly thrilling game in Tuscaloosa. If things hold as they are now, Kansas State is now slated to face Oregon in the national championship game.

I'm not predicting a Baylor win by any means, but I feel more at peace with this game than I have the ones before it. More confident for some reason that probably doesn't make sense. No matter what, Baylor has the chance to put its mark on the national landscape of college football as well as this year's Heisman race on Saturday. If there was ever a game to lay it all out on the field, this is it.

The game is scheduled for a 7 PM CST kickoff on ESPN. I hope the Bears are ready.

For more coverage from KSU's side, check out their SB Nation blog Bring On the Cats.