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Homecoming vs. Kansas Scheduled for 2:30 Kickoff

Should be plenty of time for people to go to the parade, buy merchandise at the Bookstore, tailgate, and then get inside FCS to cheer on the Bears.

Cooper Neill

The official twitter account for Baylor Football tweeted a few minutes ago that the kickoff for the Homecoming game a week from Saturday (November 3) is scheduled for 2:30 PM. The game will also be televised on the Fox Sports network, which probably means FSSW for those in Texas.

I like the 2:30 start for this game because it probably means a really good crowd with ample time to take in the pageantry of Homecoming and still make it out to tailgate before the game. A night start would push things back too much and cause people to have to choose whether they want to see Pigskin or the game (yes, it's a choice for some), but this way, you can do both.

Just a reminder, this week's game at Iowa State will kick off at 6:00 PM CST on FSSW, as well. This is our third away game in four conference contests so far, and the early lines have it very close to a "pick 'em" at this point.