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The Bye Week Blues: Preparing for TCU

Heading into our second bye week of the young season, Baylor has a lot to work on if it hopes to improve. And ODB has a lot to tell you about it.

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We're now firmly within the second bye week of the 2012 Baylor Football season, and though I'm always unhappy about weeks without football, if I'm being honest, I don't think it could have come at a better time. We've got injuries by the truckload, especially in the defensive secondary, and even more questions about where we go from here. For my piece, were I Phil Bennett, I'd open up about 9 spots on the defense for auditions this week with no preference given to seniority. Earn your keep and earn your spot. The only two that would remain would be MLB Bryce Hager and NB Ahmad Dixon, but I'd also give serious consideration to moving Dixon back to Holl's spot at safety and playing Prince Kent in the NB.

Before we go any further, there seems to be some confusion about when our next game is scheduled to occur time-wise. Just a few minutes ago, the Big XII account tweeted that it would be 2:30 on FSN. The Baylor Football account disagreed and said 6:00, also on FSN. I don't know which is correct, but I'm extremely glad it's not 11:00 on FX again. Because our crowd would probably be pretty bad for that. OK, now they've corrected, it was 6:00 after all. That's good news!

Since that's settled, I want to remind everyone where we were at this point in 2011. Coming off a heartbreaker of a loss against Kansas State in Manhattan, Baylor stood at 3-1 (0-1) heading into a game at home against Iowa State, which we won convincingly. We then dropped two games (at A&M and at OSU) with extremely poor defensive showings before rattling off 6 wins in a row. If anything, I think our schedule this season may be more favorable in that we get the bye week to recuperate and regroup before hosting an extremely beatable TCU team next Saturday. After that we go to Austin to play Texas before getting Iowa State and Kansas, probably the worst two teams in the conference this season, back to back. Worst-case scenario after that stretch is 5-3. Best case is 6-1. No, I don't buy the David Ash for Heisman campaign just yet.

But I'm getting ahead of myself for what we have coming up this week. Last time we had a bye things were somewhat disjointed because the season was so young. I want to avoid that problem this time around. So here's my plan:

-- Later today I'm going to post Baylor's biggest questions through a third of the season that need to be answered pronto. As you can expect, it's going to focus on the defense. That'll be part of a larger effort this week to revise expectations going forward and look at the State of Baylor Football.
-- Since we've got the time, I plan on doing a more thorough breakdown of the defensive debacle in Morgantown than we typically do. I'll probably start with the stats and go from there. Several people on other Baylor sites have already done incredible work on it, so I'll highlight their stuff when the time comes.
-- My hope is that we can finally debut the Our Daily Bears Podcast this week with more time to prepare on the technical issues keeping us in check so far. That's something big I really want to get done.
-- I'm going to hit recruiting this week to update everyone on where we are and where we might go. Our class is very nearly full at the moment, but there's some room there for the right recruits should they decided to come aboard. I'll tell you who I think those recruits are this week.
-- Obviously, the BlogPoll ballot will go up today with the results tomorrow, so look for that.
-- Grades for WVU will probably be tomorrow as well. We can stretch things out a bit this week without having to prepare for anybody on Saturday.

One other thing. This coming Thursday is the first anniversary of the start of a life-changing period for my family, and I've been putting together a post to commemorate the event. It's about my son William, who I haven't really shared much about on this blog before. If you're not interested in reading about him, I understand, and I'll mark the post so you know exactly which one it is. If you are, look for that on Thursday morning.

That's what I'm thinking as of right now. As always, I'm open to suggestions on what people want to see!