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Texas State Releases Depth Chart vs. Baylor

The Bobcats roster features Seamus O’Kelly and Liam Dick!

SMU v Texas State Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Texas State reporters/insiders unveiled the official depth chart for Texas State for Saturday’s game against Baylor a few hours ago for those curious about who we might see on the other side in San Marcos:

I don’t have a ton of additional information for you about this, but I would note that if you are really interested in hearing about the Southwest Texas State 2-deep, the second tweet (actually the first in time) above contains a podcast with discussion about the Bobcats’ roster with season predictions and questions answered from Twitter. That part is 41 minutes of interesting information, I am sure!

Just from a cursory glance, I don’t see anything that jumps out at me as being against what most people expected. Coming off a 2-win season of their own last year, Jake Spavital’s second on that particular river, the Bobcats returned their top passer, Brady McBride; top 3 rushers in Calvin Hill, Brock Sturges, and Jahmyl Jeter; and their first, fourth, and fifth leading receivers in Marcell Barbee, Javen Banks, and Travis Graham, Jr., respectively. They also have SEAMUS O’KELLY at kicker. I’m remembering now just how much I miss having Bill C. around to do team previews, but it is what it is.

I’ll probably listen to a bit of the podcast above to see if there are any useful tidbits to glean and either throw them into the comments or update the post.