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Baylor vs. Oklahoma GAME THREAD!!

It’s your Game Thread!

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Bears. Oklahoma Sooners. 2pm. ESPN+ (whyyyyyyyyy). Let’s do this thing.

Cody did a Q&A!

The Crew did a Podcast!

...and I forgot to do a show notes post for it. Here’s the show:

Game Predictions!

With Mark out of pocket, we’re all doing our best, okay? Here are the crew’s predictions for the game:

  • Cody Orr: Baylor 31, Oklahoma 28
  • Mark: Oklahoma 38, Baylor 31
  • Mattisbear: Baylor 41, Oklahoma 31
  • Peter Pope: Baylor 38, Oklahoma 27
  • Pocketchange: Baylor 45, Oklahoma 24
  • Joe Goodman: Baylor 38, Oklahoma 21
  • Jed Johnson: Baylor 49, Oklahoma 28
  • Willdb26: Baylor 38, Oklahoma 21
  • BearNTex: Baylor 42, Oklahoma 31
  • DEppsRightSteps: Baylor 31, Oklahoma 28
  • Jenna Patteson: Baylor 41, Oklahoma 28
  • Noelle Kakimoto: Baylor 38, Oklahoma 24


We thought there was going to be a watch party, but we were lied to. Stupid ESPN+.

Sic ‘em Bears.