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Baylor vs. Iowa State — The Morning After — Links, Notes, Tweets

What people are saying about a 31-24 Baylor victory.

Ohio v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Family stuff is going to keep me from doing a Thoughts post until much later in the day, if not tomorrow, so I thought I would take the opportunity this morning to put something up recapping the day that was for Baylor and the Big 12 Conference. First, our game:

ODB Instant Recap | Box Score | BB Recap/Postgame Book | GameonPaper Advanced Box Score

First, take a look at that GameonPaper link above. I came across this yesterday and wish I had however many years ago that it was created. The site tracks advanced stats in-game, which is something I’ve been wanting for a long time. I had it up the entire game and used it on Twitter for various things like the advanced box, win probability chart, etc. Speaking of WP%, here’s the entire game:

To recap—after Baylor’s first drive, there was one play in the entire game where ISU had a positive win probability. Based on the ISU perspective—focusing on things like officiating, for example—you might think this was a really close game, could have gone either way. Maybe at the very beginning. Here’s another representation based on Expected Points, which is the total of Expected Points Added on each individual play. When Baylor really separated in the second half (around 60 offensive plays in for each team, roughly), the game was decided.


QB Blake Shapen—19/26 passing for 238 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs.
RB Richard Reese—21 carries for 78 yards, 1 TD
WR Gavin Holmes—3 catches for 92 yards, 1 TD
LB Bryson Jackson—4 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 sacks

Baylor had 11 players catch passes, including Dillon Doyle, who had a touchdown. The Bears did not turn the ball over and had just 3 penalties for 30 yards, a massive improvement from the BYU game (the last road game).

This week’s “He Got That Bear In Him” Player of the Game Award is going to TE Drake Dabney, who had 2 catches for 23 yards, including this one:

2 catches, and he’s Got That Bear in Him? Yeah, when you jump over a guy during a play and keep your feet, you get noticed. I don’t make the rules.*

*Ok, so I do. Still.


WRNLGame Recap from our friends at WRNL. Appears to have been edited somewhat since it first went up, but that’s probably for the best.
Des Moines RegisterCampbell defends rushing attack vs. Baylor.
Des Moines RegisterDid the officiating cost ISU a win? I would probably blame leaving Gavin Holmes wide open, among other things.
Des Moines RegisterThey are really upset about this game, you guys.
247SportsPFF Grades for Baylor vs. ISU.
ESPN.comGame Recap for Baylor vs. ISU.

If you see anything I missed, please throw it in the comments.


  • KSU 41, OU 34—KSU walked in to Norman a week after losing 17-10 to Tulane, put up 41 points on Brent Venables’ defense, and won the third in the last four games over OU. The OU fans are apoplectic. They maybe should be after getting big boyed by two guys that aren’t very big, but I’ll grant them that Deuce Vaughn is legitimately terrifying.
  • Texas Tech 37, Texas 34—Texas led 31 to 17 at one point in this game and got outscored 20-3 the rest of the way. Look at the WP% chart for this game.

I can’t tell you for sure, and I can’t tell you why, but I expect there are several similar charts from recent Texas games. Texas has now lost 8 of their last 11 games with the only wins coming against Kansas State, ULM, and UTSA.

  • TCU 42, SMU 34—I barely watched any of this game, but people apparently think TCU looked pretty good?
  • KU 35, Duke 27—Rank Kansas, you cowards. Jalon Daniels is legit.