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Opponent Q&A: Iowa State

Five questions with Matthias Schwartzkopf of Wide Right Natty Lite!

Ohio v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Earlier this week I got a request from our friends at Wide Right Natty Lite—the SB Nation site for our opponent, Iowa State—to do a Q&A. The results went up over on their site this morning, and I solicited input from our entire CFB crew here at ODB in making my answers. You should check that out.

While I had the chance, I also submitted questions of our own to Matthias Schwarzkopf, who was kind enough to give us some answers. Check it out below!

1) What do people familiar with Brock Purdy’s game need to know about Hunter Dekkers? How is he different? What has made him so successful so far this season?

A: Well for one he has a a stronger arm. Brock Purdue excelled with the short to intermediate passes. Hunter can do that as well but if they needed to hit anything over the top 40-50 yards downfield he can make those throws with ease. He’s also more dangerous with his feet, while we haven’t seen it so much this season Hunter has shown to be lethal in the run game when he has played in seasons past.

So far this season it has been is accuracy. He is completing 74% of his passes. That number will be tested as the season goes on but so far so good.

2) What is your biggest concern going against Baylor’s defense?

Defensive line. I think both lines for Baylor offensively and defensively will be the best that Iowa State has faced so far this season and that is saying something when we just played Iowa. The Baylor defensive front is really going to test Iowa State and be a nice measuring stick for a an offensive line that struggled last season to produce run lanes.

3) We pointed out five names in our First Look post that people need to keep an eye on: Hutchinson, Dekkers, McDonald, Reeder, and Brock. Who else do we need to know about?

Anthony Johnson at safety. A four year starter in this defense who made the move from corner to safety. Has one interception on the year and really is the leader of that defense. I think he is due for more interceptions this season to make up for some he has missed in years past due to lack of targets on his side of the ball and now he just plays all over the field.

4) How is this Iowa State team different, in your opinion, from past teams?

Really the identity of the team is the same. Defensively nothing has changed. Offensively you may see the want to air it out more with Hunter Dekkers at quarterback but at the core I think Matt Campbell wants to run the ball but they do have the ability to be a pass first team if they want too.

5) What do you see as the ceiling for Iowa State this season after three games?

This question has been asked a lot this week. I am not really ready to answer that just yet. I think 8 wins is the appropriate line here but this weekend is obviously a huge measuring stick. If Iowa State can pull this one out, the schedule lines up to start 6-0 fairly nicely. So ask next week.

Thank you very much to our friends at WRNL for participating!