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Baylor Releases “Updated” Depth Chart vs. BYU

I went through it line-by-line so you don’t have to.

Albany v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Over the last few minutes, I went through Baylor’s updated depth chart from the BYU game notes (available here, page 35) and can confirm that aside from changing the numbers of players that were not listed with single-digit jerseys last week but are now, it is identical with ONE exception—Craig “Sqwirl” Williams is now listed in the three-way #2 spot at RB. Every other player is listed in the same spot, with the same ORs or lack thereof, as they were a week ago. Considering that we knew going into last week that Sqwirl would play—and he did, very well—it is the same depth chart for all intents and purposes. You are welcome.

What does this mean? Probably not much. One thing I love to do each week is pull up the Participation Report that Baylor publishes after the game, either as its own page on or as part of the Game Notes .pdf that they release. Last week’s is available here. One of the reasons I like to look at this is that it shows who actually started, so you can track changes from the depth chart. A big one from this last week was Devin Neal in place of Christian Morgan, who missed the game with a hamstring injury. We found out yesterday that Aranda expects Morgan to be back for Saturday’s game. Another was that TJ Franklin started in place of Cole Maxwell, who apparently played (he had a penalty called on him) but did not log any stats. That may mean he was limited in his availability, though I have not seen anything on Twitter addressing that or whether he will be more available this week.

So, the bottom line is that the depth chart is basically identical this week against BYU, Morgan is expected to return, and our battle station may be fully operational going into this week’s game.