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Bluebonnet Broken: TCU - 42, Baylor - 17

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas Christian Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The only thing that could stop TCU on Saturday was TCU.

Two redzone turnovers by the Frogs were the only stops Baylor was able to muster, as the Horned Frogs went 8/8 on relevant 3rd Downs, scoring 35 points.

The Baylor defense allowed Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Josh Hoover to throw for 412 yards on an 83% completion rate. The Horned Frogs amassed 531 yards in total.

The Baylor offense mustered 338 empty-calorie yards, and converted 4/13 3rd downs. When that failed, Baylor only converted 2/6 4th down attempts.


I truly can’t come up with any insightful words here that haven’t been written multiple times over this season:

  • Confusing go-or-no decisions on 4th downs, paired with confusing play calls.
  • Long 3rd downs easily converted, and in this case, for touchdowns.
  • Record-breaking performances from seemingly-average opponent players.

A few, VERY SPECIFIC bright spots in an otherwise dreadful performance:

  • Corners tackled well on screen passes
  • Interior defensive lineman
  • Shapen kept fighting, played well (As I type this very specific line, Shapen just got hit HARD and was injured on a meaningless play late in the 4th.)
  • Dominic Richardson scored his first touchdown as a Bear!

The Bears mercifully only have one more game on the calendar, as West Virginia travels to Waco on Saturday.