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NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor

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What’s in a name? - Rivalry Name Tiers

R.I.P. to the Revivalry

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

First, they took away the annual tradition of the BUTT Bowl.

Now, the long-time, fan favorite, and unofficial moniker of Baylor’s biggest rivalry, the long-called Revivalry is being replaced with the new official-yet-bad title: the Bluebonnet Battle.

Baylor and TCU will now compete for an uninspired trophy each season. Still, many fans are saying they will not adopt the new moniker. This got me thinking, how does this rivalry name compare to others around the nation?

Elite Tier Rivalry Names

Holy War - BYU v. Utah

If you had to replace OU/Texas with another iconic rivalry, this is about as good as it gets.

The Game - Ohio State v. Michigan

National title implications, powerhouse programs, and a rivalry that makes half of its fans forget how to spell, what more could you want?

Red River (Shootout) - Oklahoma v. Texas

I have to be honest here: I’ll miss having this rivalry game as an important part of the Big 12 schedule. There’s nothing quite like the state fair, Big Tex, and college football in early October.

100 Miles of Hate - Middle Tennessee v. Western Kentucky

Chills. Absolute chills just at the name of this rivalry.

Duel in the Desert - Arizona v. Arizona State

I’m pumped to bring this tightly contested rivalry to the Big 12

Cool Trophies

Minnesota v. Wisconsin - Paul Bunyan’s Axe

Not only does this rivalry feature one of the coolest trophies in all of sport, but this is THE most played matchup between FBS teams all-time. To make things even more interesting, the all-time series is dead even at 62-62-8.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame v. USC - Jeweled Shillelagh

Isn’t it just so much fun to say shillelagh (shuh-lay-luh)?

Battle for the Bones - UAB v. Memphis - The Bones

The trophy at stake in this rivalry is a 100-pound bronze rack of ribs referencing the reputation each city has for good BBQ.

Battle for Nevada - Nevada v. UNLV - Fremont Cannon

It’s just a shame that the cannon has been inoperable since 1999.

Cincinnati v. Louisville - Keg of Nails

The trophy references claims by fans of each university that their teams are tough-as-nails.

Bridger’s Battle - Utah State v. Wyoming - Bridger’s Rifle

Don’t tell West Virginia, but these guys actually play for a rifle. Weapon trophies are the best.

Indiana v. Michigan State - Old Brass Spittoon

Sadly, the trophy used now is not and has never been actually used as a spittoon (that we know of).

Egg Bowl - Ole Miss v. Mississippi State - Golden Egg

We could all use an egg in these trying times.

SMU v. TCU - Iron Skillet

Everyone likes frog legs, right?

Duke v. North Carolina - Victory Bell

North Carolina is 27-6 since 1989.

Illinois v. Purdue - Purdue Cannon

Purdue has dominated the series in recent seasons, having won 7 of the last 8 matchups.

Fresno State v. Hawaii - Golden Screwdriver

The trophy references an alleged incident where a screwdriver was supposedly thrown at the head of Hawaii’s head coach, June Jones in 2002.

Killed by Realignment

Bedlam - Oklahoma v. Oklahoma State

Setting aside that OU leads the all-time series 91-20, the Pokes taking down the goalposts in likely the final annual meeting has to have felt good for OSU fans.

BUTT Bowl (unofficial name) - Baylor v. Texas Tech

Baylor leads the all-time series 41-40-1. This game will still be played pretty often, but in a larger conference, there’s no promise of seeing it every year.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor
Charlie Brewer (12) in the 2019 double OT win over Tech
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Farmageddon (unofficial name) - Iowa State v. Kansas State

As with the BUTT Bowl, this game will still happen pretty often, but there is no longer a guarantee of an annual matchup.

The Civil War (former name) - Oregon v. Oregon State

The name was dropped in 2020 (which is lame in my opinion).

The Apple Cup - Washington v. Washington State

The Huskies dominate the all-time series, including having gone 11-2 since 2008.

Battle of the Brazos - Baylor v. Texas A&M

This series is just as old as Baylor’s rivalry with TCU, dating back to 1899 and with over 100 games played.

War on I-4 - UCF v. USF

The Knights left little brother behind, joining the Big 12 this season.

Civil Conflict - UCF v. UConn

Mercifully, we’ve been spared having this be an actual thing that should have never been a thing.

Texas v. Texas Tech

Although Tech has been dominated in the all-time series, they have a chance to send the Horns to the SEC on a 2-game losing streak to the Raiders if they can pull off the upset on Black Friday.

Pretty Cool

Backyard Brawl - Pittsburgh v. West Virginia

These schools, separated geographically by less than 80 miles, love to hate each other.

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate - Georgia v. Georgia Tech

This game might not factor much into CFP discussions as Georgia has won 18 of the last 21, but this name is solid.

Iron Bowl - Auburn v. Alabama

I’m not sure you can call yourself a real college football fan if you don’t instantly associate this storied rivalry with the Kick Six.

Rocky Mountain Showdown - Colorado v. Colorado State

Although the Rams have only won 22 games in the series since 1893, it’s still fun when these two square up.

Sunflower Showdown - Kansas v. Kansas State

The Wildcats have won 26 of the last 30 meetings between these in-state rivals (but Kansas still has a 13 game advantage in the all-time series).


Confusion Bowl - Miami (FL) v. Miami (OH)

This matchup has only happened 4 times, and for sake of clarity, it should probably stay that way.

Battle for the Bell

This could be referring to at least 3 different rivalry games.

Border War

This could be referring to Colorado State v. Wyoming or Kansas v. Missouri.

Tiger Bowl - Auburn v. LSU

You’re not even the only tiger teams in your own conference, get over yourselves.

Techmo Bowl - Georgia Tech v. Virginia Tech

Louisiana Tech and Texas Tech would like a word.


Bluebonnet Battle - Baylor v. TCU

I’m not a big fan of the name change, but I’m more concerned with trying to get back in the win column against the Frogs. For a deeper discussion of just how bad of a name this is, check out the latest ODP.

South’s Oldest Rivalry - North Carolina v. Virginia

This rivalry began in 1892. Duke and North Carolina began playing one another in 1888.

Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry - Auburn v. Georgia

The actual oldest rivalry in the Deep South was Wofford and Furman (started in 1889, 3 years before Auburn and Georgia first played).

World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (unofficial) - Florida v. Georgia

AKA the War for the (Okefenokee) Oar.

Third Saturday in October - Alabama v. Tennessee

Alabama has won 16 of the last 17 meetings.

Textile Bowl - Clemson v. NC State

Despite the fact that Clemson went 15-1 from 2004 through 2019, NC State has won 2 of the last 3 meetings between these schools.

Palmetto Bowl - Clemson v. South Carolina

Much like the Bluebonnet Battle, we have another rivalry named after a state flower (yuck).

As always, 61-58 and Sic Em!

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