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Week 4 Rankings Update: Baylor Now #14 in Coaches Poll, #16 in AP

The Bears are 3-1 on the season after yesterday’s win.

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Ohio v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

The post-Week 4 CFB rankings are out, and the Baylor Bears are up to #14 in the Coaches Poll and #16 in the AP Poll after a road win over the Iowa State Cyclones. This week’s opponent, Oklahoma State, is 7 and 9, respectively. The Cowboys did not play this week. Oklahoma’s loss to KSU in Norman last night dropped them to 16 and 18, respectively. Joining OU, OSU, and Baylor in the rankings, at least in the AP Poll, is Kansas St at 25.

Also dropping earlier today, as is customary, was Bill C’s SP+ rankings over at, where Baylor is now 18th, up from 25th. That puts us at #4 in the Big 12 behind OU (#5), Texas (#11), and Oklahoma State (#15). Take these numbers with a grain of salt for another week or so since preseason projections still play a big role. Drilling down a bit, Baylor is 47th in SP+ on offense and 9th on defense. This week’s opponent, OSU, is 18th and 28th, respectively. Their ratings are even less reliable than most because they’ve only played 3 games so far this season.

Baylor’s rise this week means we officially have a top-16 matchup in Waco this weekend, to which you should WEAR GOLD! The Bookstore has options available in case you need gear. Tell them ODB sent you.