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Week 5 Rankings Update: Baylor #22 in Coaches’ Poll, Unranked in AP Poll

At 3-2, the Bears are now on the outside (but receiving votes) looking in for the AP Poll

NCAA Football: Albany at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the good news is that the cowards have finally ranked Kansas (both Kansases, in fact), and the Big 12 has 5 non-OU/UT teams in the Coaches’ Poll and 4 in the AP Poll. Those 5 in the Coaches’ Poll are OSU (#7), Kansas (#17), TCU (#18), Kansas State (#20), and Baylor (#22). The 4 in the AP Poll are same teams minus Baylor with OSU at 7, TCU at 17, KU at 19, and KSU at 20. If there was such a thing, Baylor would be 27th in the AP Poll based on votes received, while OU would be 45th. Texas is, I assume, enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

Even better, perhaps, is how the New Big 12 looks. BYU is ranked in both polls at 16, while Cincy is 24 in the AP Poll. So the New Big 12 has 6 teams (or half of what it will eventually be) ranked this week. That’s something to celebrate.

That Baylor fell out of the AP Poll is not and should not be unexpected in any way. Yes, our two losses are to ranked teams (BYU and OSU), but we still have two losses. Even with the chaos of this past week and other ranked teams falling left and right, no 2-loss teams are in the AP Top 25, and the team directly ahead of us in receiving votes (WSU) is 4-1. So we are the highest-perceived 2-loss team, which seems right. I can’t really argue about this—well, let’s be honest, I could, but it would be a weak argument. So I’m fine.

Also coming down today, as usual, was Bill C’s updated S&P+ rankings at There, Baylor dropped slightly from 18th to 20th. The offense, however, rose to 36th from, I think, 48th, while the defense dropped from 9th to 12. Both of those things seem about right. 20th puts us fourth in the Big 12. You can see the entire rankings below:

Baylor doesn’t have a game this week, so there won’t be a spread/line update later today about the week to come. Instead, we’ll devote our attention to breaking down what happened against Oklahoma State, figuring out where we go from here, and talking about the future. Have a good rest of your Saturday!