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NCAA Football: Big 12 Football Championship-Baylor vs Oklahoma State Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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The 2021 Big 12 Football Championship in Tweets

Quite a rollercoaster, Saturday was. Let’s relive it through the poetry of Twitter.


The talking heads and computers all picked the Cowboys. Even a few of our own here at ODB picked against the Bears (looking at you Fank…).

No matter what the “experts” said, it didn’t take away from our tailgating.

And if everyone said we were going to lose, why not lose in style?

But wait, is that a *sign* I see?

First Half:

Who is this kid wearing 12?

Football is just a hobby for Shapen, look at this swing.

But who in the world is this #3 in orange out here? I thought Oklahoma State had the first team All Big 12 QB?


We are on fire, we are unbeatable, this is Gonzaga part two, let’s cruise to the ship and go home easy, leading 21-6.

But sometimes, you get hit with a little bit of reality…

Nah, could never happen like that again, all smiles.

Second Half:

Things don’t feel the same, this isn’t as easy as the first half. Defense is everywhere.

Let’s be honest, you’re not here to relive the third quarter. Let’s get to the 4th. Bears lead 21-13.

Offense sputtering, Oklahoma State refusing to go away, we know how Oklahoma felt in Bedlam last week. After yet another field goal, Oklahoma State is a touchdown from the lead, Bears lead 21-16.

After a 3 play, 28 second drive that only nets the Bears 2 yards, Isaac Power gives us a shred of hope that the Cowboys won’t pull off the comeback, nailing a 61 yard punt and forcing OSU to start from their own 10 with just over 3 minutes remaining and no timeouts.

This is it, Baylor’s defense just needs to keep Mr. Picks, Spencer Sanders, from driving it 90 yards for a touchdown! The drive started, and we all felt like Amy...

Spencer Sanders and his band of names no one will remember marched effortlessly down the field. After a pass interference call in the endzone, the cowboys will have 1st down from the 2 yard line. Touchdown wins the ship.

At least one of us had belief.

Maybe Pitre believed too.

The Bears hold for 3 straight plays, 2 runs and a pass. It’s 4th down. Does Baylor hold on and win, or does Oklahoma State claim their glory?

The McPlay:

We know what happens next. I’m not going to ruin it by trying to put any words next to what Jairon McVea did on the final OSU play of the game. Here, in all of its glory, from so many angles and reactions, The McPlay.

With “Voice of the Bears”, John Morris, audio.

Pylon Cam

Aerial Shot

Maybe the greatest single play in Baylor football history. How did everyone react?

Post Game:

YOUR BAYLOR BEARS HAVE WON THE 2021 BIG 12 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. Before we give out trophies, let’s look at some cold takes.

Is campus still standing?

Trophy time

Connor Galvin being the best of dudes.

Our RBs, our leaders.

The two best defensive players in the conference.

Get ready for a new look in the stadium next season.

I will close by giving you a superb full game reaction video. Enjoy, and Sic ‘Em Bears.

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